Precautions for maintenance and upkeep of dual color injection molds

  • 2023-08-17

1. Check if there is rust or moisture at the vent hole

If you find rust or moisture near the exhaust hole of the hot runner, it means internal condensation or possible water pipe rupture. Dampness can cause fatal short circuits to the heater. If the machine does not run non-stop all year round but shuts down at night or on weekends, the probability of this condensation phenomenon occurring in injection molds will increase. The resistance value of the heater should have been measured when it was first used, and now it is time to measure and compare it again. If there is a 10% fluctuation in the resistance value, it is necessary to consider replacing the heater to ensure that it does not malfunction at critical moments in the production process. If the initial resistance value has never been measured, then measure it now and use the obtained value as reference data for future inspections of the heater.

2. Check if there are any signs of wear between the guide pillar and guide sleeve, and look for any scratches, scratches, or other marks

This wear is due to a lack of lubrication. If the marks are just emerging, you can also extend their lifespan by adding more lubrication to the guide pillar and guide sleeve. If the wear is already severe, it is time to replace the parts with new ones. Otherwise, the cavity and core parts may not fit well, resulting in uneven thickness of the component cavity walls.

3. Check the water flow situation

Connect a hose at the outlet of the waterway to allow water to be left in the bucket through the hose. If the flowing water is not clear or has color, rust may occur, and a blocked water flow indicates a blockage in a certain area. If these problems are found, drill through all the water pipes again to ensure smooth flow (or use any method you most commonly use for cleaning). Improving the water treatment system of the factory can prevent future problems caused by rust and blockage.

4. Injection mold cleaning ejector pin

After a year, the thimble will become very dirty due to gas accumulation and membrane like impurities. It is recommended to thoroughly clean the mold with a mold cleaner every six to twelve months. After cleaning, apply a layer of lubricant to the thimble to prevent scratches or fractures.


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