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PlasticsMould.COM is a service company that provides the procurement of Chinese molds for global mold buyers. We are located in Huangyan, the capital of China's mold supply. Huangyan has more than 2,000 mold manufacturing companies and processing points, employs more than 50,000 people and has Internationally advanced mold processing center equipment.

Huangyan Mould Industry mainly manufactures injection moulds, including extrusion moulds, blow moulds, die-casting moulds and stamping moulds. An industrial ecological chain system with the most complete functions, the highest degree of specialization, and the most complete supporting system for the mold industry has been formed.

We take advantage of the ecological chain of the Huangyan mold industry to provide you with design, manufacturing, procurement, and follow-up services.

  • Plastic mold pedia


  • Two color injection mold

    1. The two-color mold injection molding machine is composed of two sets of plastic injection devices with exactly the same structure and specifications. The nozzle should have a special structure according to the production method, or be equipped with two sets of forming molds with exactly the same structure that can be rotated and transposed. When plasticizing injection, the process parameters such as melt temperature, injection pressure, and injected melt volume in the two sets of plasticizing injection devices are required to be the same, and the fluctuation of process parameters in the two sets of devices should be minimized as much as possible. 2. Two-color mold injection molding plastic products should use raw materials with good thermal stability and low melt viscosity to avoid deco...

  • Steel recommendations for pipe fitting molds

    Nowadays, there are many plastic pipe fitting mold factories, and the pipe fitting mold steel materials used are also different, but a truly professional plastic pipe fitting mold manufacturer can better understand how to make the plastic pipe fitting molds made by itself more popular with customers. For example, Sino Mould has more than 20 years of experience in pipe mold manufacturing, from straight, tee, cross, elbows, plugs, joints, and reducer pipe fittings to produce corresponding high-quality molds.

  • Fast cycle turnover box mould

    As we all know, shortening the production time per unit time can increase the output. The reduction of the cycle time of the turnover box mold can not only increase the output, but also save a lot of processing costs and bring more benefits to the manufacturer. So how can we achieve a shorter cycle time? PlasticsMould.COM has many years of experience in the injection molding of turnover box molds. Based on our own design experience, we will explain how our company can reduce the cycle time.


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