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PlasticsMould.COM is a service company that provides the procurement of Chinese molds for global mold buyers. We are located in Huangyan, the capital of China's mold supply. Huangyan has more than 2,000 mold manufacturing companies and processing points, employs more than 50,000 people and has Internationally advanced mold processing center equipment.

Huangyan Mould Industry mainly manufactures injection moulds, including extrusion moulds, blow moulds, die-casting moulds and stamping moulds. An industrial ecological chain system with the most complete functions, the highest degree of specialization, and the most complete supporting system for the mold industry has been formed.

We take advantage of the ecological chain of the Huangyan mold industry to provide you with design, manufacturing, procurement, and follow-up services.

  • Stamping Die Pedia

    Stamping dieStamping die is a special process equipment for processing materials (metal or non-metal) into parts (or semi-finished products) in cold stamping processing, called cold stamping die (commonly known as cold stamping die). Stamping is a pressure processing method that uses a mold installe

  • Plastic mold pedia

    Plastic mold is an abbreviation for a combined mold used for compression molding, extrusion molding, injection, blow molding and low foam molding. The coordinated changes of mold convex and concave molds and auxiliary molding system can process a series of plastic parts of different shapes and diffe

  • Injection Mold Pedia

    ContentsDefinition and classificationComposition structureTypical structureInjection deviceFunctional characteristicsMold maintenanceApplication fieldContact relationshipTwo-shot injectionDefinition and classificationInjection mold means that in the heating barrel of the injection machine, the plast

  • Blister Mold Pedia

    Blister mold refers to the mold used in blister production. The lowest cost is the plaster mold, followed by the electroplated copper mold, and the most expensive is the aluminum mold. The mold is drilled with small holes, which are used for vacuum adsorption and heating of the hard film to form a b


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