Clamshell injection mold

  • 2021-09-16

Since the flip can be operated with one hand, it is very convenient for consumers to experience, so it is widely used in the design of shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, hand cream and other products. PlasticMould.COM, as a professional flip-top mold manufacturer, can produce various types of flip-top injection molds according to customer requirements, such as bow-tie flip-top molds, double anti-theft flip-top molds and in-mold automatic flip-top molds.

For ordinary bottle cap molds, considering the production efficiency, we use stainless steel materials with interchangeable inserts as the mold core and cavity. Through the optimized cooling system, the cycle time of the cap mold can be controlled within 6s.

For flip-top bottle cap molds, the mold structure is different from the design of ordinary products. For example, when the flip cap can automatically close and open after reaching a certain angle, attention must be paid to the closure force design of the bottle cap. The flip cover has a bow-tie design and a universal design. We can use an automatic closure design for the flip mold. After injection molding, the in-mold closure structure can achieve automatic in-mold closure. After demolding, no other equipment and manual operation are required. Not only can save manpower and hours, but also can effectively improve production quality and production efficiency.

We have developed a clamshell injection mold with 2-72 cavities. The mold is durable, easy to maintain, and has high production efficiency. In addition, in order to help customers achieve one-stop injection molding and reduce investment costs, we have launched a "turnkey project service" for bottle cap injection molding. It is a very economical and reasonable choice. PlasticMould.COM provides one-stop selection of flip molds, injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment to help customers realize automated and intelligent production, thereby reducing labor costs and speeding up product launches.


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