Fast cycle turnover box mould

  • 2021-09-16

As we all know, shortening the production time per unit time can increase the output. The reduction of the cycle time of the turnover box mold can not only increase the output, but also save a lot of processing costs and bring more benefits to the manufacturer. So how can we achieve a shorter cycle time? PlasticsMould.COM has many years of experience in the injection molding of turnover box molds. Based on our own design experience, we will explain how our company can reduce the cycle time.

To reduce the cycle time, it is necessary to design a reasonable cooling system. We have designed an excellent cooling water circuit on the largest molding surface of the turnover basket mold to make the injection molded turnover box more durable. And the turnover box mould produced uses the quenched and tempered steel material to match the excellent cooling water circuit design. In order to achieve faster molding efficiency, we will add copper beryllium to the mold core and cavity, which has excellent thermal conductivity and good cooling effect. Our special hot runner system design, with filter, is suitable for recycling production, helping customers save costs.

For different types of turnover box molds, high-speed operation must be achieved. In addition to the good quality and high precision of the mold, the accessories must have accurate guiding function and ejection system. The ejection method is best designed to be mechanical automatic ejection, so that the ejection action can be completed when the mold is opened.

PlasticsMould.COM multi-cavity turnover box mold introduction:

Product size: 400X300X160 mm

Number of mold cavities: 4 cavities

Mold size: 1550X1200X850 mm

Applicable models: DKM-1350T

Die steel material: DIN 1.2311+beryllium copper

Injection molding system: 16-point hot runner

Cycle time: 23 seconds

Mold life: million molds

In addition to molds, high-performance injection molding machines are also very important. Our servo injection molding machine is very suitable for plastic turnover basket molding, high-performance servo motor power control system, servo motor proportional output hydraulic oil, there is no excess energy loss, while improving injection accuracy, greatly saving electricity, water, and reducing The noise is very stable.

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