Steel recommendations for pipe fitting molds


Nowadays, there are many plastic pipe fitting mold factories, and the pipe fitting mold steel materials used are also different, but a truly professional plastic pipe fitting mold manufacturer can better understand how to make the plastic pipe fitting molds made by itself more popular with customers. For example, Sino Mould has more than 20 years of experience in pipe mold manufacturing, from straight, tee, cross, elbows, plugs, joints, and reducer pipe fittings to produce corresponding high-quality molds.

Different mold manufacturers use different mold steels, and the quality varies. We recommend that if the amount is large, the core, cavity and slider should be 718H, 3cr13, NAK80, S136, etc., such a mold can be made at least 700 to 1 million mold times. If the mold base with a small amount uses P20, 2738, and 2316 for the core, cavity, and slider, the product can be shot 500,000 mold times. In addition, it is strongly recommended to use three treatments for the mold steel, the first quenching and tempering, the second vacuum 42-46 degree hardness treatment, and the third holding temperature for 48 hours tempering. The most important thing is to control the distance of each piece of steel in the furnace, so that each piece of processing is kept uniform, and it cannot be broken by local too hard.

For pipe fitting molds, many manufacturers can do it. But being able to do it does not mean that you will do it well. No matter what, only professional can make the most trusted by customers. As a professional pipe fitting mould manufacturer, we have continuously summarized and explored through years of production experience. Now we have a complete set of pipe fitting mould design concepts and manufacturing processes. In the design, every detail has been carefully analyzed and certified, and the workmanship is also placed in the hands of a master who has been manufacturing pipe fitting molds for many years. Always insist on doing the most professional things and provide customers with the most worry-free service.

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