Pipe Fitting Mold

Pipe Fitting Mold

We provide you with procurement services for Pipe Fitting Mold in China. Based on the advantages of the industrial chain enterprise cluster in Huangyan Mold Town, China, we have 3000 collaborative factories with various types of molds and more than 60000 employees. We are equipped with a professional procurement team, relying on years of procurement service experience and factory coordination ability, from Pipe Fitting Mold design to raw material procurement, Pipe Fitting Mold manufacturing, and finally Pipe Fitting Mold testing, We always provide full range of procurement tracking services to provide you with the best Pipe Fitting Mold forming solutions.

Pipe Fitting Mold Details

1、 Introduction to Pipe Fitting Mold

Pipe fitting molds are a type of mold used for the production of pipelines, which are widely used in fields such as construction, water conservancy, and chemical engineering. Its main function is to inject molten plastic material into the mold, and after cooling, form the desired pipe shape. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the principles of pipe fitting molds

2、 Structure of Pipe Fitting Mold

1. Die head: The die head is the most critical part of the pipe fitting mold, which determines the shape of the inside and outside of the pipeline. In general, each die can only produce one specification of pipeline;

2. Mold core: The mold core is located inside the mold head and can adjust its position and angle as needed to form the required holes and protrusions during injection molding;

3. Template: The template is the main part that supports the entire pipe mold structure, consisting of two parts: upper and lower. During injection molding, the upper and lower parts will merge together and be fixed through buckles or threaded connections;

4. Cooling system: The cooling system is responsible for quickly cooling the material injected into the mold and helping to solidify it into the desired shape.

3、 The working principle of pipe fitting molds

1. Filling stage: During the filling stage, molten plastic material is injected into the mold through a nozzle. During the injection process, the mold core will move to the desired position and form holes and protrusions;

2. Compression stage: In the compression stage, the templates are merged together and the material is compressed into the desired shape through pressure. At the same time, the cooling system begins to work, helping to quickly cool the material;

3. Mold opening stage: During the mold opening stage, the template separates and opens to form the final shape of the pipeline. At this time, there may be some depressions or defects on the surface of the pipeline that require subsequent treatment;

4. Subsequent processing: Subsequent processing includes steps such as removing dents and defects on the surface of the pipeline, and cutting the pipeline.

4、 Advantages of Pipe Fitting Mold

1. High production efficiency: Compared to manually manufacturing pipelines, using pipe molds can greatly improve production efficiency;

2. Low cost: The cost of using pipe fitting molds to produce pipes is relatively low, and products of the same specifications can be produced in large quantities;

3. High precision: The products produced using pipe fitting molds have high precision and stable quality;

4. Reusable: After proper maintenance and upkeep, the tube mold can be reused.

5、 Application fields of pipe fitting molds

1. Construction field: Pipe fitting molds can produce various specifications of building pipes, such as drainage pipes, ventilation pipes, etc.

2. Water conservancy field: Pipe fittings and molds can produce various specifications of water conservancy pipelines, such as transmission pipes, drainage pipes, etc.

3. Chemical industry: Pipe fittings and molds can produce various specifications of chemical pipelines, such as containers for transporting chemicals.

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