Collapsible Crate mold

  • 2021-08-13

The Plasticcollapsible crate molds (folding crate molds) we made for our customers offer superior value to the market. the plastic collapsible crate offers two powerful advantages for lowering materials handling costs. First is the plastic collapsible crates are lightweight which lowers shipping and material costs, especially for the disposable crate parts which can save lots of material. Unlike aluminum collapsible crate with the high cost and heavyweight, second is the transportation cost is very low comparing to unfolding crate, the foldable crate made from foldable crate mold can save lots of place during the transportation.

folding crate mould

The plastic collapsible crate containers have some other advantages

  • Collapsible crate containers collapsed in 20 – 30 seconds without tools by one person

  • Ideal for closed-loop and automated storage-retrieval systems

  • Stackable to store 3 collapsed containers in the same height as one upright, assembled crate container

Today, many industries are using plastic collapsible crate containers to save money, including:

  • Food processing plants

  • Pharmaceutical production facilities

  • Nuclear energy plants

  • Hospitals

  • Kitchens

  • Laboratories

  • Petrochemical facilities

  • Chemical Plants

  • Automotive

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