How much does Plastic injection moulding cost

  • 2021-08-13

The most commonly asked question in the molding industry is, “How much shall it cost to do plastic injection molding parts“? Well, the answer to this question largely depends on several factors, especially for the fact that Plastic mold production has the highest upfront cost in all of the injection molding types

To many who have had the same question and can’t seem to get the right answer, you bumped into the right content. This post will go into the depths explaining the variables determining the cost of plastic injection moulding cost and the price for making the plastic molding parts. By tackling the underlying factors, it will be easy to estimate the expected cost. Let’s get to it!

Number of Cavities and volume of your mold

There is a close correlation between the number of cavities in your mold and their cost. If the mold has a high number of cavities, it means more time is needed for manufacturing it, and additional tooling has to be done. The lower the number of cavities in each mold, the lower the pressing time, and the lower the opening cost of manufacturing for each mold.

Part Design Complexity

For a more intricate part design, the resulting mold will be as complex as the part, and this will increase the plastic mold cost. Choosing a less complex part design could cut on your cost quite significantly. However, it is important to put in mind the factors that determine design complexity. These could include, surface finishing, fine detailing, undercuts to be used, among others. You can always seek expert advice to help you choose a design that won’t eat into your budget unnecessarily.

Resin Choice Consideration

There are a number of variables that will influence the cost of plastic injection molding based on the resin choice you use. Ranging from the quantity, grade, resin availability to whether the resin requires extreme molding temperatures, all these will affect the overall upfront cost. For example, if the resin will be found to have abrasive materials like glass or minerals, the cost of mold maintenance will be affected.

Type of plastic part material

This would seem to be an easy consideration like we are talking of plastic injection molding, so we only need plastic parts so that you may say. But there are innumerable plastic types in the likes of PP, PS, PET, PVC, HDPE, just to mention but a few. Each type comes with different prices depending on the material and part size. For large parts, similar large molds and additional material will be needed, and besides, the time taken for machining will be affected. All these variables will impact the overall quote of plastic injection molding.

What will be the cost of making plastic injection molding parts?

This is another question that is likely to pop up when getting that plastic injection molding quote from your manufacturer. Depending on which company you choose, the selected part material, and what you want to mold plus several other factors mentioned above related to part selection, the price for each molding part will vary. 

While there may not be any definite price mentioned in this post, the discussed factors will be a great tool for you in helping you make the right purchase decision. It is always recommendable to seek expert advice from a reliable source in the industry. However, doing so with the foreknowledge of what to expect will place you on a better bargaining ground and keep you from being duped by cons in the industry.

If you want to know more detail about injection molding cost for your project, you can call us or send us an email, we will offer you a cost for your plastic injection molding parts.


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