Stack Mold


Stack Mold: Specialty injection molds, High Production Molds, Multiple Parting Lines, Reduce Set-Up & Run Costs, Increase Output Efficiency/Productivity

SINCERE TECH ( is a Plastic mold company that provides plastic injection mold solutions to industries of all types and sizes. Our state-of-the-art mold building facilities include high-speed CNC Machines and EDM Machining to create many types of high precision plastic injection molds, including complex speciality injection molds, such as two-shot molds, unscrewing molds, stack molds, insert mold, gas assist molds and many other types.

Stack Molds: Efficient Production of Multiple Designs

injection moulding is widely used for manufacturing a variety of parts, from the smallest component to entire body panels of cars. It is generally the most common, least expensive method of plastic part production, with some commonly made items including bottle caps and outdoor furniture.

Stack Molds are high production molds for multiple parting lines. With stack molding, you can produce multiple types of parts more economically over a large production run for multiple tasks.

Set-up time and run-time costs are divided by all the parts produced, for example: producing the front and back parts of a key fob at the same time.

Benefits of Stack Molding

Stack molds can meet a variety of molding demands because they are available in a variety of configurations to best meet the demands of a specific project, and produce the most economical and efficient manufacturing solution.

  • Increase output efficiency (productivity)

  • Decreases number of machines required

  • Lower machine size requirement vs. multi-cavity single-face molds

  • Mold ejection functions are self-contained

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