Home Appliance Mold Industrial

  • 2021-08-13

Not only Home Appliance Mold Industrial But Molds are also the foundation of all industrial .” said to the media by Mr.WU , the CEO of the China Die & Mould Industry Association. nowadays, electronics, automotive, electric machine, electrical appliance, instrument, home appliance, communication, military work and other products,70%-80% of the products, all rely on injection molding. With the injection molding forming the spare parts has shown high accuracy, high complexity, high consistency, high efficiency and low cost, which is the other manufacturing way are not able to match. plastic Mould determine the quality of product, efficiency and development capability at most

At present, China is the largest producing base of the home appliance, and the production continues to expand.

Present, evolved from the Wall Street turmoil, worsening global economic situation is intensified, market consumption among this into a new winter season

It brings huge needs of raw material. According to the data announced by China Electrical Home Appliance Association, the major home appliance production cost more than 6.7 million tons of steel material. The amount of nonferrous metal and engineering plastic went to more than 1 million tons individually. So the demand for machine and mould is very big at the same time. For the home appliance industry, developing a refrigerator required 160-210 sets of injection mould, an air conditioner require about 40 sets, a washing machine need about 50 sets of the injection mould.

With the upgrading of the Chinese home appliance industry, home appliance mould industry also accelerated the pace of technological upgrading. Only with high technology, the home appliance mould producers can make high standard mould, and win the market, grasp the initiative of the market, enhance the capability of independent innovation. SINCERE TECH. a world-famous plastic mould manufacturer, supplies various of home appliance mould, such as refrigerator mould, washing machine mould, the air conditioner mould, TV mould, microwave mould, rice cooker mould, iron mould, fan mould and so on. It plays an important role in the development of the home appliance industry.


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