Mold Max For Mold Inserts

  • 2021-08-13

Mold Max/beryllium copper which we used in mold inserts for some deep area which cannot be able to add a good cooling channel or not easy to get cooling done. when a part design has deep ribs or many ribs, then MOLDMAX for mold inserts will be better option to solve this issue, this material can get better cooling, but another question is the price, as you know Moldmax is very expensive, it is more expensive than copper, and it is hard to do the manufacturing jobs, it is so hard to do the EDM jobs and polishing jobs.

Another question about this Moldmax material for mold inserts is safety to the mold lifetime? I have explained my experience on another post, which I was made 48 cavities Plastic molds, all of 48 core inserts made by Beryllium copper, and each insert have around 8 small bosses, itis around 6mm high, after the second mold trial some of the small boss got broken, I remember we have tested the mold around 4-5 times, and eery trial got one or two inserts got broken issue, for that mold we made around 8 extra inserts for our customer to prevent this issue, but finally we all know this cost is very high for both customer and us.

Below are some suggestion from some people who provided their experience about Moldmax

Shane diet says

Mold Max is not safe at all. I think it gives you a lot more problems. For health, we need to be careful in all ways.

3Pressa says

I have worked with injection molding, and can say most plastic is safe as long as you have safety plans, safety equipment in your working space. If science says it is not safe, then it is not safe until they are proof.

4MieleAtlanta says

If science says something is not safe, it means there is proof it isn’t safe. However, as the most interesting man in the world says, ‘safety third’

5JanA says

Too much of anything isn’t safe. So whether beryllium copper is safe or not, which I doubt knowing that copper isn’t safe for the body, I’d rather have myself protected first.

6Zvi says

Yes, you are right in wearing a protective mask while working. Excess of anything is not good and that too for a prolonged period of time, I just can’t be sure. As of for me, I will always prefer taking protection for me whether it is safe or not. We all have just one life, anything in this world is not worth to risk it for.


7Sam says

I’ve heard of a lot of problems so proper protection is a much, better safe than sorry. I plan to research the topic more since I’ve heard mixed things which is a little strange.

15Happili says

You’re right, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Sure wearing a mask is inconvenient, but the dust definitely cannot be good for you. Who knows what undiscovered side effects could result down the road if you breathe it in too much.

16business entrepreneurship says

Mold Max isn’t safe at all the method of Mold max can be harmful as it creates air pollution as well as water pollution. I am totally against this.

17business entrepreneurship says

Yes, You are right!! it is not safe. Even all Plastic Molding process creates environmental pollution.


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