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  • 2021-08-13

May 4th this year marked a milestone in the history of SINCERE TECH injection mold China company as it celebrated 15 years of service to the Plastic molds & thermoplastics industry.

” It is a great result for any company to reach this milestone and it is a clear endorsement of the quality products, and people that have performed so well for our customers over the years said general manager Steve Yang.

“Innovation, creativity, service and people are the keys to ensuring customers continue to want to work with a company like SINCERE TECH and will allow us to see out another 15 plus years in China, American, and European markets.”

Innovation that drives the industry

Based at the GongGuan City of China facility, SINCERE TECH injection mold China company has been the industry leader in the introduction of new and innovative resins that have made possible many of the applications that today we take for granted.

With such leadership comes the expectation of a need to constantly improve, and the recent global focus on the ever-expanding SINCERE TECH product portfolio has delivered some outstanding results in terms of the performance of the newly developed grades.

Plastic molding company

Recent additions to the product portfolio include grades such as high gloss parts that provide superior high quality and excellent chemical and mechanical performance and Xylex which provides superior chemical resistance and flow performance to a traditional PC.

With the recent acquisition by SINCERE TECH, the combined product offering of these two organizations will be second to none in the industry. Taking into account the backing of the global SINCERE TECH resources, SINCERE TECH mold manufacturer China will continue to deliver innovative products to the market to enable its customers to push the envelope with new and more competitive applications.

Steve Yang said ” As the professional mold manufacturer China and injection molding company, it is our role to continually bring creative and innovative materials to the market place to ensure the continued growth of our customers. In the current difficult the economic climate, more than ever, the responsibility for this lies with strong companies such as SINCERE TECH, and we look forward to taking on this challenge.”

Creative solutions to meet customers’ needs.

In combination with a strong portfolio of products, SINCERE TECH is also in providing creative solutions to meet the diverse and changing needs of its customers. In response to the increasing importance of aesthetics to gain an edge in the market place, SINCERE TECH has expanded its Visual fx range of effects that allow designers to incorporate a wide range of effects that provide differentiation as well as the ability to eliminate secondary operations resulting in reduced system costs and design freedom limited only by the creativity of the designer.

SINCERE TECH was also A plastic mold company in China to offer Internet ordering to its customers and thus move the Internet from just another desktop application to a useful and powerful business tool for its customers. Combined with powerful design tools and technical support, the web site is fast becoming the one-stop, one source, one site, for everything plastic.

World-class service and people.

Meeting customer’s needs has always been the key focus of SINCERE TECH operations, and with 15 years of commitment to the overseas industry, we provide fluent English & Technical communication,  the company continues to invest in the necessary systems to ensure this focus is as relevant to today’s industry needs.

“I would personally like to thank every employee who has contributed over the last 15 years into building our business into what it is today. I would also like to thank our customers for their continued support and look forward to providing innovative, quality products and service that helps them grow and become more successful for the next 15 years and beyond”


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