Plastic Mold Part Design Engineering

  • 2021-08-13

We are Plastic molding China Company, we offer a comprehensive set of integrated engineering capabilities from the development of part design, mold design, plastic mold manufacturing and low-cost assembly processes and engineered components. Our experience in product design and development, project management, design for manufacture and assembly, manufacturing transfers and product lifecycle management is built on structured business processes and extensive product and process expertise. Our commitment is to ensure that you obtain every objective of your design intent and the full benefit of SINCERE TECH’s services.

A Structured Development Process

At SINCERE TECH, our engineers provide technical skills in a broad range of engineering disciplines. Cross-functional teams are assigned at the beginning of the program and stay with the project into production, which ensures better designs and faster results. Our design, development, Moldmakers, and technical staff currently includes over 200 professionals with an extensive breadth of experience and offer a fresh perspective and confidence that only comes with experience.

We separate the development process into three distinct phases.

In Phase I. We develop specifications, generate concepts and fabricate working proof-of-principle prototypes. In Phase II.  We complete the design for manufacturability and fabricate multiple devices for animal or clinical trials.

In Phase III.  We procure final tooling, develop and conduct all the product and process validations, and release the product to manufacturing. We can begin this process at any phase of the development.

Product Development Experience

Our experience in Product Development – from component design and manufacture to finished devices to assembly processes – provides our customers with a full spectrum of integrated medical device development capabilities.

Traditional product development requires a structured approach from concept to design to analysis and finally into manufacturing. This process constrains the entire downstream organization until each upstream task is complete. Typical outcomes of this approach keep manufacturing engineers and outside suppliers uninvolved, risking inefficient manufacturing processes and excessive COGS.

Today, SINCERE TECH provides customers with a competitive advantage by getting involved early in the product development cycle, integrating project teams and using concurrent engineering practices and supply chain management to accelerate speed-to-market.  This non-traditional product development process results in much shorter overall development timelines while ensuring the lowest possible COGS are obtained at the launch of the product.

Value Based Solutions

We fulfil specific customer needs by utilizing the molds highlighted below:

Designer Rationale

A planning plastic injection mold used to optimize program objectives by mapping customer, product, manufacturing and assembly requirements

Design for Process Excellence

A structured development approach and engineering tool focused on achieving process capability, time to market, and cost targets

Integrated Design for Manufacture and Assembly

By conducting manufacturing assessments early in the concept development phase and doing concurrent process verification we shorten the time to market

Program Management and Quality Assurance

Our program managers work directly with your staff through every phase of the project. They ensure that all aspects of the development process are documented and addressed per our FDA-audited Design Control Process.  The program manager is accountable for the success of the project from the feasibility phase through product and process validation and transfers into an ISO-certified manufacturing environment, regardless of the SINCERE TECH location responsible for final manufacturing.

Our clients receive bi-weekly project scorecards detailing the status of the project as it relates to budget, schedule, risks and mitigation actions, upcoming milestones, resources, and COGS.  We understand the importance of good communication and are committed to keeping our clients fully up to date as the project progresses.



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