PMMA Plastic injection Molding

  • 2021-08-13

What Is PMMA injection molding?

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) injection molding is a process where organic glass/acrylic is injected into a cavity to form a particular product upon cooling and hardening. The molds produced by PMMA injection molding are used to make car windows, aquariums, and screens for mobile phones. Acrylic is preferred to glass because it has better abrasion resistance.

Applications of PMMA Injection Molding

Undoubtedly, a higher percentage of the plastic/glass products that we use in our daily lives are manufactured using polymethyl methacrylate. Acrylic injection molding is used to produce the following items:
1. Eyeglass lenses
2. Plexiglass windows
3. Fashion accessories such as bracelets
4. Mobile phone casings
5. Computer and electronics casings
6. Vehicle windshields
7. Lamps holders
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Advantages of PMMA Injection Molding (acrylic molding)

1. It Produces Scratch-Resistant Products
Research has confirmed that acrylic molding materials are more scratch-resistant than other glass products. In this manner, the molding process generates products that can maintain their lustrous appearances for long without degradation.
2. It Produces Light Products
Acrylic has a density of 1.185 grams per cubic centimeters. On the other hand, glass has a density of 2.4 grams per cubic centimeters. As a result, PMMA plastic molding produces products that can be used as lightweight alternatives to glass.
3. PMMA Injection Molding Can Produce Complex Designs
The injection molding develops advanced shapes that cannot be generated by other injection molding processes such as metal injection molding. Furthermore, the PMMA injection molding process can reproduce a significant number of products that are identical in terms of shape, size, and weight.
4. High Production Efficiency
The PMMA injection molding process is faster than metal injection molding. As a result, more production units can be produced through this process in a given time. Technical analyses have confirmed that PMMA injection molding plants have shorter cycle times, which increase the overall production output of the industry.
5. Enhancement of Color Flexibility
Acrylic plastic injection molding produces items that can be mixed with resins to create a wide variety of colored products. In contrast, this feature is not present in other processes such as metal/glass injection molding.

6, Speical material for high requirement of transparent plastic molding.

PMMA material called Acrylic, or Plexiglass, Transmittance is up to 92%, is high then the glass, that means Acrylic molding is one of the best options for high requirement transparent injection molding parts, such as glass, Optical glass, lens, car lights, transparent pipes, etc
Disadvantages of Acrylic plastic Injection Molding
1. The materials produced have a lower resistance to impact compared to those produced by metal injection molding.
2. The heat resistance of most products produced by the PMMA injection process is low (About 80 Degrees Celsius).
3. Most items produced by the process have lower mechanical strengths, which limit their loading capacities.
4. Some acrylic products have poor chemical resistance, which makes them prone to react with organic compounds.
Given the above points, it is essential to understand how the PMMA injection molding works, its applications, advantages, and, disadvantages. Also, knowledge is vital at helping you appreciate the PMMA injection molding process.
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