China Plastic Injection Molding Company

  • 2021-08-13

We are a China Plastic injection molding Company that provides custom plastic injection moulds and molded products to American, Rorupe, Japan and the world.

Our state of the art of high tech equipment allows us to minimize set-up time and in-process adjustments, maximize output and run at optimum capacity. Combined with little overhead, we can offer you the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Our Quality Control System is based on ISO9001:2008 standards. Every job has a control plan to identify critical production criteria. Each control plan is carefully monitored throughout the manufacturing process. We utilize 100% in-process inspection as well as first piece qualifications and batch capability studies to ensure a flawless delivered product.

SINCERE TECH’s mission is to reduce high-quality Plastic molds and moding products, in the most cost-effective manner for your complete satisfaction. Our 15-year reputation is riding on it!


Founded in 2005, Steve Yang and Gordan Zheng formed a partnership to produce plastic injection molds and die-cast molds for the overseas manufacturing industry.

They rented a 1000 square meters. space in Chong Pin Ton, Dong Guan City, China

Over the next few years, expansion continued and equipment was added, including more CNC machines, Mills, Grinders and EDM Machining Centers.

In 2010. ST purchased 3 sets of plastic injection molding machines to trial the molds and samples, and provide massive production to customers.

In Mar 2016, a 6,000 square meters new building was purchased in by ourselves. Expansion continued and equipment was added, including Wire EDM Machining Center, Coordinate Measuring Machine and more Plastic Molding Machine. As the production increased in the molding area, ST purchased 10 sets more injection molding machines from 60 to 650 tons.

Our Service: One-stop fully services for Plastic Mold making and Plastic Injection Molding Services.

Mold Design Engineering; Expert mold design engineering for functional, reliable, economical and aesthetically-pleasing products.
Precision Injection Mold and Tooling; Precision injection mold tooling to meet a wide range of customer requirements.
Plastic Injection Molding Services; Hundreds of industries rely on Plastic Injection Molding to create most of today’s products and/or parts. How may we assist you?
Insert Molding Services; the experience and expertise for most custom injection molding or insert molding projects. How may we assist you?

Are you project ready to start making injection molds and molding yet? You are welcome to send us your drawing, we will quote you in 24 hours.



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